About The Farm



Richard Girard, farmer, retired from his career in engineering to farm the land he grew up on full-time. Girard’s Valley View Farm grows everything from salad greens, beets, and radishes to summer squash, winter squash, sweet corn, and pumpkins. Girard grows transplant vegetables like peppers and tomatoes for his own farm, but also for sale to some local restaurants.

The farmhouse has been in the Girard family for nearly 70 years! It was built in the mid 1790s approximately coinciding with the beginning operation of Jane's water-powered sawmill near the mouth of Dry Brook (then known as Woodward Brook). 

The land is primarily Agawam Fine Sandy Loam formed on an outwash plain at the edge of what was once Glacial Lake Hitchkock. Since the land was cleared it has been used to grow tobacco, corn and hay for dairy animals, apples, and vegetable crops.